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The Journal of Ibu Shinji

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Name:Ibu Shinji
Name: Ibu Shinji
Height: 177cm
Weight: 61 Kg

Blood Type: AB
DOB: Nov 3rd
Birth Place: Japan
Hand: Right
Favorite Color: Grey
Favorite Food: Pickle
Hobby: Travelling the world.
Family: Two younger sisters
Father's Occupation: Deceased. (parents both dead)

Personality/Biography: Shinji is actually a pretty sweet guy. He speaks's his mind, not being the type to hide his thoughts or feelings. Sometimes that means that he ends up mumbling to himself but he's broken out of that habit over the years. Instead he tends to use blogs to voice his thoughts, it's easier and allows him a simpler and more concise way to get his thoughts out into the open.

Shinji is surprisingly emotional, if one has the patience to get past his guard. He's passionate, loving, even romantic. He has a temper, he angers easily but is just as easy to confuse too. The boy is a maddening mixture of emotions! But whatever he is, he is always honest and straightforward, he almost never lies.

History: For the last 6 years Shinji has been travelling the world. 7 Years ago his parents were killed in a car accident. His sisters were taken from him and allowed to live with an Aunt while Shinji went to stay with his bestfriend, Kamio. He went with Kamio to China for a little while, leaving his sisters in the loving care of his aunt. Of course he kept in touch with them, he loves his sisters dearly so ensures that at least once a week he calls them or sends them a letter/postcard.

But back to 6 years ago, one day he decided that he needed to do something... anything... After a brief talk with Kamio, Shinji went and packed his bags and started his adventure. Since he was already in China he started there and worked his way out. For a while things were tough, he didn't have much money and had to pick up jobs here and there, but it was fun. Sometimes dangerous, sometimes magical. However, once Kamio had started making his money he began to fund Shinji's little adventure. Shinji never took more than he needed though, he didn't want to go around living in fancy hotels and being chauffeured around in a limo. No, Shinji wanted to go on foot, or bike or in beat up trucks he'd bartered for! Of course he needed money to fly to one place or another if he couldn't get a place on a boat...

So for the last 6 years... he's been everywhere. From Australia to the Arctic, all over American and Europe and Russia... The boy has been... everywhere!

And now it's time for him to come home. He stops by Japan now and again, but this time he's coming home to stay (aside from the occasional vacation if the wanderlust takes him), so he's getting himself a house, he's going to look for a job and get back in touch with the people who he's lost touch with and maybe make even more new friends!

* He's not afraid to speak his mind, in fact he's pretty much incapable of lying. The concept confuses him.
* He likes sex. Loves sex. He prefers it with a steady partner, but isn't afraid to get what he needs from people he meets in bars, clubs, or people he works with. Shinji is not shy about his sexual appetite. (has pretty much left a broken heart in every country he's been to!)
* His sisters are his only true family, he has an aunt who they live with, but he doesn't know her very well. He's very. very protective of the girls. He's also very protective of his bestfriend, Kamio, too.
* He loves to travel, sometimes he'll get up and go for a wander for no reason other than because he wants to. He gets a little restless from time to time.
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